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So this is a little bit random, but I think I have identified the maker of a piece in the V and A. Well, not identified as such, because they had her name (Miss G M Hart), but suggest nothing else by her is known. Having done some googling and article reading and census hunting, I think she is Gertrude Mary Hart, who married Frederick James Partridge. Now, this will mean NOTHING to most of you, but to me this is interesting because Fred Partridge was a fairly well known jeweller - and May was known for her enamelling in particular (actually, she taught it at the John Cass). The object in question is this:

which I think is one of the most beautiful objects I know of.

May Hart Partridge enamelled these:

and this:

I think the similarity of style is pretty striking, as well as the documentary evidence..

What's really sad is that she hanged herself in 1917 and that's she's been eclipsed by her husband (who, personally, I don't think was as talented as she was. But she was a woman, so of course she gets pushed into the footnotes of history).

Anyway, I might be wrong, but I really don't think I am. And it's interesting to me at least.
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