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What I have been making today is a horse skull. It's hard to get anything perfectly accurate (and anyway it's more an idealisation/slight abstraction, so I'm not too bothered by that) when you're making it in copper and much smaller than reality..

Copper horse skull

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The Express outdoing themselves in inhuman coldness.
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Bird skeleton in glass dome

Finally I managed to make a whole skeleton out of silver. I think he looks pretty good and I'm so pleased that I finally managed to translate my skeleton work into silver. The dome is glass with a mahogany base. The skeleton is about 7cm high and the overall height is about 13cm.

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I started a new blog in which to write about jewellery and craft and such. It's over here. I'm going to add some of my work and things to it, too.
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It's better to buy a Titian than many of the other things public money goes towards. Funding war? Not keen on that. Funding the acquisition of a truly great piece of art? Oh yes, that I am completely behind.

I REALLY hope they manage to keep hold of the Rembrandt that the Duke of Sutherland owns. It's one of the best of his self portraits.

There was an MP on tv earlier saying how it was a complete waste of money and should have been spent on living artists and on encouraging children to take up music and art. Surely one of the best ways to encourage children is to get them to look at art? I certainly have a great appreciation for it since I was taken to galleries from a pretty young age. And, I would like to point out, the National Galleries in Edinburgh and London were two of the better ones.

Oh, and as someone who could be defined as a living Scottish artist, I think it was money well spent and I'm happy if a tiny proportion of my tax money went towards it. It gives me warm feelings inside.
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I made a couple of things recently. One is a necklace called "Evolution" for fairly obvious reasons..
Evolution necklace

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Another wonderful thing:
Here is a map of library cats across the world. It pleases me greatly to know someone has done this. I found it after trying to find the name of the cat that hangs around Dumfries' main library, the Ewart. It's "Blue", apparently. He's a fat and sleepy black and white cat who doesn't really flinch if you stroke him. Lovely beast.
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California seems to have passed Proposition 8. I'm not surprised, exactly, but very disappointed that a relatively left wing state should pass such a bigotted motion.

I'm quite please Obama got in. I doubt he'll be as good as everyone's hoping, but it'll be hard for him to mess up as badly as Bush has done. And it's great that the US has shown how far it has come since the days of Strange Fruit.
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That's what I've made in the last week. The Iolite See Saw ring was just because I was playing around with some pieces of silver and suddenly thought "Oh wow, if I do *that* it'll be FUN". Which it is :D

I'll get round to making a proper bit on my website when I've made a few more things and when I'm not feeling ill. Bleh.

Also, I'm going to do more skeleton stuff at some point, but at the moment I'm making quite simple things to, er, get my hand in, I guess!
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Craft is a dirty word. My degree was called "Three Dimensional Design", but "Craft" would have been more accurate. In fact, I think they're changing the title so that is does involve the word "craft" somewhere - but they're keeping the word "design" as well.

In the perceived hieracy of the art world, it goes something like this: fine art > design > craft. When did you last hear of a massive exhibition of modern craft (other than via me)? Probably rarely. There are such exhibitions - Origin (formerly the Chelsea Crafts Fair and oh look, it has changed its name so as to not give an idea of what it contains), Collect, New Designers.. And yet the exhibitions that are reviewed in the papers and which are talked about on TV are always the ones which are Fine Art or Design based. Craft is the forgotten step-daughter. If you name famous craftspeople of the last hundred years or so most of their names receive blank looks. Bernard Leach? David Watkins? William Morris? Jane Adam? Malcolm Appleby? Wendy Ramshaw? Hands up who'd heard of more than two of them (okay, there's a bit of a metalwork bias, but that's to be expected from me). I find it shoking that I don't know the names of more than about two modern potters and probably only one glassmaker (apart from the people I went to uni with and was taught by, obviously).

When I go into a bookshop and go to the craft section (which of course I do), there are very rarely any books on actual crafts. It's all about bloody beading and cross stitch. Beading is easy. You don't need a hundred different books about it, telling the reader how to make something that is EXACTLY like the one in the picture. Where's the creativity in that? I hate those books because they make people afraid to try new things, to make up patterns, to trust their own creativity. Everyone has some ability. We're not robots.
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"For a while, he kept the animal away by buying a generator, lighting up the area, and playing thumping Serbian turbo-folk music."

Also. It's NOT St. Patrick's Day. Technically St. Patrick's Day doesn't actually exist this year, except for the Republic of Ireland, where it was observed on Saturday.
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Wow. This guy is amazing - he worked out what some cartoon characters' skeletons would look like. Then he made them.
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This video is lovely. Very steampunk with a definite Tim Burton feel. Beautiful.
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This news story sickens me.
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Baden Powell was a real man, not like the Beckham boys generation of today. When was the last time anyone went out and fought a bear? Society should take notice of these true words of wisdom.
Greg Care, Letchworth, Herts

Clearly the best comment I've seen on the BBC News website. It's from this article on Scouting.

This is about flying flags on government buildings. In most of the UK it'll be the Union flag, but in Scotland it'll be the Saltire. This is to promote "Britishness". I'm not even going to start.
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Here are a couple of skeletons I've made this term. The first is a snake-bird, which I made after the other piece, which is a bird. I thought I'd posted photos of them before, but it seems as if I haven't.

The snake-bird is a piece I would be willing to sell if someone wanted it - if you happen to be interested leave a comment or send me an email. It did take me more than 30 hours to make, though, so be reasonable..

Snake-bird skeleton
My snake-bird skeleton. He's made from steel and has riveted wings. I hammered every single rib to texture it before spot-welding it on.

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This is what I've been making lately. As always, click to get larger images.

It's a brooch made of steel that's been spot welded together. It's about 10cm square. The creature has the head of a bird, the ribcage, pelvis and right arm of a human (the arm acts as the catch for the pin), the left arm/wing of a bat (one finger of which is the brroch pin), the right leg of an ape and the left leg of a deer. It's been heated so it goes black and then sprayed with wax polish to stop it rusting.

I'm very pleased with it. It's for a competition, so I hope it does well.

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