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I made another bird skeleton.. only this one has two heads. Again, it's made of silver and is in a dome - only this dome is acrylic rather than glass (safer to post, for one thing. Glass feel snicer, though. Argh, the decisions!). The skeleton is about 10cm high, the total height about 20cm.
Two headed silver bird skeleton

three more photos - click for larger! )
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I like the way artists can use other art to create something new. This post is inspired by this, which is a visualisation of a house (probably the most famous) by Frank Lloyd Wright using the Half-Life source engine*.

Another person inspired by buildings is Vicki Ambery-Smith, whose work I've mentioned to varius people. She makes tiny wearable buildings. Things she's made in minature include the Guggenheim Museum, the penguin pool at London Zoo (complete with penguins) and the most ridiculous glasses. I like her work a lot, but I've been told it's not very wearable: I can well believe it.

Also, my flatmate just came upstairs and gave me a piece of lemon tart. I shall miss her when she leaves, not just for her generous food-giving nature but because she's the Perfect Flatmate and generally lovely.

*Of course, some people might not call this art, but I do.

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