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As ever, click for bigger versions. This is what I've been doing for three months, basically..

Everything set up for assessment. On the left is the project for making a tool (I made an imp-trap), on the right is a design project for a pewter competition (I designed a pair of loving cups for Civil Partnerships).

Closeups of a few things.. )
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I feel guilty for not having posted things I've made or drawn for a while, so here are a few drawings that I've done recently. They are all pen and ink and the ones below the cut I've colour with watercolours. Pen and ink is a medium I'm fond of, which means that I'm better at that than other things. I quite enjoyed doing these: progress. Click for bigger versions..

Sketch of a goose
I like geese.

A couple more.. )
The colours are slightly messed up. I think that if I had a scanner they would be better.
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In my first term here I made a necklace. I just discovered it hiding behind a painting and decided to take photos.

photos )

I spent some of this afternoon in the pub (my friend drank Pimm's, a sure sign of summer) and some playing frisbee. I feel contentedly decadent.

ETA: Oops, now I have slight sunburn on my arms. Clearly a sign that my normal habit of always wering long sleeves is the true path.
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Since I said I'd try to get them up, here are some pictures of what I've been doing lately.

I posted pictures of the same bowl and spoon not long ago, but they are, however, closer to being finished. That's not, as you will have no doubt noted, the same thing as finished. Shame, but I ran out of time. It's not like I didn't put any effort in. Overall I'm quite pleased.

There are also pictures of three pages from my sketchbook - two with drawings and one with a machine embroidery. I'd write more about them but I desperately need to sleep, so I'll just leave you with the pictures (click to enlarge..).

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