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The last week or so has been fairly busy. I've spent my time talking about telephone boxes (for a dull but necessary group presentation), visiting London twice (and seeing some wonderful people while there), stressing about my current project and working.

Current uni project is basically a mock commission. This is to get us used to the idea of designing for a specific place and also to keep us out of the workshops so that the third years can finish their final pieces.

Today we had an almost entirely useless workshop/lecture/thing about how to present proposals for a commissioned piece. The man taking the class's talk seemed to boil down to "doing everything on computers is the one true way," something with which I do not agree. He also managed to really irritate me by saying architects aren't artistic and need everything in a design drawing made very obvious so that they understand it.

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If anyone in the south of England has not yet heard of the Sultan's Elephant, you must have been hiding in a box. I shall be going to London on Sunday to see a variety of people, the aforementioned elephant and a band called Covenant.

I've become addicted to strange Finnish sweets called "Tyrkisk Peber." They are absolutely amazing; hard (crunchy) salty liquorice sweets with fiery pepper inside. My Norwegian friend brought me back a tub of them after Easter, quite possibly because she was so surprised to find someone who liked salt liquorice and isn't Scandinavian. And, of course, because she's lovely like that.
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So. I'm on holiday. I have been reading (Feersum Endjinn, A Room with a View, Gilgamesh and (currently) Baudolino). When I went home last week I took some books I'd borrowed from my parents back and sneaked away with a whole new set. Then, today and yesterday, I, er, bought some more from charity shops - they were therefore very cheap indeed and several could be purchased for the price of one new book. This means I now have 19 books in my "to read" pile.* Oops.

I have also been sewing a corset and a dress. I think this spurt of sewing is mostly to avoid doing (boring) work for uni. I don't mean to imply I don't want the finished things, of course, but I'm usually at my most creative when I should be getting on with other things. The dress is going to take a lot of work. It's sort of patchwork, but messy (on purpose) and might have some embroidery on it. I'll see how it looks. It's going to be black and green (black as a base with green going from dark to light at the bottom). The corset is green, too (I have been craving spring so I'm obsessed with green) - some of the scraps from the corset are going to be on the dress so they might go together. I think, however, that the shape of the dress (quite a high neckline) might mean they do not.

a photo of detail on the dress )

I might go to London tomorrow. It depends on money**, weather and general laziness.

* This "to read" pile is merely the one in my flat. There exist several "to read" piles, at least one of which is imaginary and contains most of the books that have been written, and another consists of the contents of my parents' shelves combined with the contents of my friends' shelves. It could be said that the word "pile" is not entirely accurate. "List" might be better. Recommendations of books are always welcome.

** This is very unlikely now. I'm going to sew instead.

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