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Last night I went to see the degree shows of some of the courses at my uni. I, obviously, was most interested in the Three Dimensional Design work (that being my course), but my friends and I also wandered over to see the Fine Art and Photography. The Photography was mostly okay but there wasn't much that stood out. Fine Art was more interesting - though there seemed to be a huge bias towards painting and almost no sculpture, collage or printing. Most of the work was pretty good although there were a few things that seemed to be made purely for shock value; something I tend to find dull. The 3DD was my favourite section, of course. In general it was extremely good and rather terrifying (I have to be that good in two years, eep!).

A list of makers which is mostly for my own reference. )

Other things.. Hmm. Recently went to the Modernism exhibition at the V&A, whcih I would recommend to anyone at all interested. It's a very broad exhibition, with things like theatre costumes, clothes, jewellery and so on as well as the usual furniture, architectural models and drawings. There are plenty of short video clips which are actually good rather than the boring nonsense you so often get. I could happily have seen more work of certain designers (Mies van der Rohe - how can you show a collection of Modernist chairs and not have a Barcelona chair?) and less of others (Marcel Breuer, whose work is overrated in my opinion), but it was certainly one of the best exhibitions to which I've been.

Oh - may be in London at the weekend. Not sure yet, because I'm working Saturday day time and Sunday evening. That does give me Saturday night off, but I'm not entirely sure I can afford to do anything. If I'm not there then I may well come during next week after I've been paid.

I plan to go to the Globe at least once over the summer, since they're doing things I haven't seen before (Titus Andronicus and Anthony and Cleopatra, for example) and standing tickets are only £5..
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Would anyone like to go to the Victoria and Albert museum to see this Modernism exhibition? It runs from the 6th of April to the 23rd of July and costs £9 full price or £7 for a concession.

From September to January there's an exhibition at the V and A about Leonardo da Vinci as an inventor and engineer. I plan to go to see that as well, but that's a bit further away and this mention is mostly so I remember it!

I'm also tempted by this, which is "Americans in Paris 1860-1900" at the National Gallery. It's £9/£4.50 and finishes on the 21st of May.

My life is still being run by my course. I've been in the workshop five days every week for the past three or four weeks, which has led to seeing hammers and fire when I close my eyes, as well as my arms aching constantly..

My current project is due to be handed in tomorrow morning before 10am, and I've been frantically trying to do all the paperwork I need for it (all the design work you're supposed to do before hand. I like to do it afterwards). Unfortunately I didn't manage to finish the spoon that I've been making, which is irritating me a lot. Various technical problems thwarted me at the last minute. I've still got to clean it up (after heating the surface is covered in oxides and needs to be put into an acid solution and then sanded or polished or however you want to finish it), but that shouldn't take too long.

I'll try to get some photos of my most recent stuff up, though when that'll happen depends entirely on the whims of my digital camera. You might even get pictures of non-metalwork things!

My parents dropped off my sewing machine a couple of days ago, which was a joyful occasion. I have missed having it with me and have already got loads of ideas for things I want to make, including about three complete outfits (for Infest), at least three corsets (a girl can never have too many) and a variety of small bags. Having just done some rough machine embroidery/drawing with stitches/whatever I should call it of stylised spines for my project, I think I might make a couple of bags with things like that appliqued. I'll see what happens, anyway.

Oh, and I'm going to be free for a week or so (not Saturdays during the daytime, but I can get into London by about 7.30pm) in the Easter holidays. The dates are the 15th to the 23rd, so if anyone (preferably in the South, since I can't afford to go far) would like to do something in that time, send me a message. :)

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