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Stitched brooch
Stitched brooch, made in the same way as the stitched rings I've posted before.
Two more pieces.. )
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Crow pendant
Crow pendant, made of silver. Very simple, but I like it.
And another pendant )
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It's been a while since I posted much of my work, so here's a glance at what I've been up to recently. As always, I have things up at Etsy.

Concave ring
Concave ring
Silver concave ring with a hammered texture. Fun to make, actually! So fun I made several, in fact..

And a few more.. )
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Doing custom pieces is good. It kicks me into working even when I don't want to. Also, I tend to fill the period of nothingness when waiting for the etching to happen with doing something vaguely useful. So today I have made two pieces (well, technically three, but one was a bit of a failure). One was another Curious Crow ring (like this) for someone, while the other was entirely new (hurrah) and involves bone (double hurrah). It's here (and pictured below) and I have to say I'm quite pleased. It wasn't too hard to make, and it looks interesting when it's being worn. The only problem with it is that it's not as sturdy as something entirely made of silver, but that's to be expected.

Captured Bone
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I made a brooch.

I'm not sure if I like it or not. I'm questioning everything I make at the moment, but this at least is finished.

It's made of sterling silver, 18ct gold and stainless steel (the pin, which you can't see).

Landscape brooch

I think it looks a little better in real life than in this photo. I may have to experiment with photographing it.

It's based on landscape, of course, but abstracted a little. Maybe not enough? Maybe too much? I don't know!
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I made another bird skeleton.. only this one has two heads. Again, it's made of silver and is in a dome - only this dome is acrylic rather than glass (safer to post, for one thing. Glass feel snicer, though. Argh, the decisions!). The skeleton is about 10cm high, the total height about 20cm.
Two headed silver bird skeleton

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Bird skeleton in glass dome

Finally I managed to make a whole skeleton out of silver. I think he looks pretty good and I'm so pleased that I finally managed to translate my skeleton work into silver. The dome is glass with a mahogany base. The skeleton is about 7cm high and the overall height is about 13cm.

two more photos )
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I made a couple of things recently. One is a necklace called "Evolution" for fairly obvious reasons..
Evolution necklace

more pictures )

Another wonderful thing:
Here is a map of library cats across the world. It pleases me greatly to know someone has done this. I found it after trying to find the name of the cat that hangs around Dumfries' main library, the Ewart. It's "Blue", apparently. He's a fat and sleepy black and white cat who doesn't really flinch if you stroke him. Lovely beast.
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That's what I've made in the last week. The Iolite See Saw ring was just because I was playing around with some pieces of silver and suddenly thought "Oh wow, if I do *that* it'll be FUN". Which it is :D

I'll get round to making a proper bit on my website when I've made a few more things and when I'm not feeling ill. Bleh.

Also, I'm going to do more skeleton stuff at some point, but at the moment I'm making quite simple things to, er, get my hand in, I guess!
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As ever, click for bigger versions. This is what I've been doing for three months, basically..

Everything set up for assessment. On the left is the project for making a tool (I made an imp-trap), on the right is a design project for a pewter competition (I designed a pair of loving cups for Civil Partnerships).

Closeups of a few things.. )
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A quick metalwork post to celebrate uni starting for the year.

I've posted photos of this ring before, but the bracelet is new. I started it yesterday, but finished it today. Well, to be honest, I still need to sand it down a little, as there are file marks on it, and then I'll polish it again before sticking it in safety-pickle to make it slightly more matt.

Silver ring and bracelet

It's forged from the same thick, rectangular section silver wire as the ring (which might explain why the bracelet is proportionally thinner than the ring) in a similar way. I like to leave hammer marks on things: the texture makes it a little more interesting, to my mind.

And now I'm going to poke people with swords.
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As promised, here are photos of little bits I made using PMC. They're not wildly exciting, but it was just a day to learn the techniques and so on. The little dabs of colour are where I melted glass beads onto the PMC - apparently it bonds quite well because the silver is porous (or something like that. I have a memory like a fish). I also oxidised a couple of the pieces using liver of sulphur (potassium sulphide), which is what made one of the pieces have a sort of rainbow sheen. Sorry the pictures are a bit rubbish, but my camera isn't good at taking photos of small things.*

Some photos )

I keep coughing and have had a headache all day. I think I might have caught something, which is rather annoying.

I'm miss the workshop at college - I have a longing to use the powerhammer to make jewellery..

*And the sizes of the photos look strange, but my head is really sore so I'm not going to do anything about it right now.

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