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I made another bird skeleton.. only this one has two heads. Again, it's made of silver and is in a dome - only this dome is acrylic rather than glass (safer to post, for one thing. Glass feel snicer, though. Argh, the decisions!). The skeleton is about 10cm high, the total height about 20cm.
Two headed silver bird skeleton

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What I have been making today is a horse skull. It's hard to get anything perfectly accurate (and anyway it's more an idealisation/slight abstraction, so I'm not too bothered by that) when you're making it in copper and much smaller than reality..

Copper horse skull

because I watched fingermouse as a child.. )
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Bird skeleton in glass dome

Finally I managed to make a whole skeleton out of silver. I think he looks pretty good and I'm so pleased that I finally managed to translate my skeleton work into silver. The dome is glass with a mahogany base. The skeleton is about 7cm high and the overall height is about 13cm.

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I made a couple of things recently. One is a necklace called "Evolution" for fairly obvious reasons..
Evolution necklace

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Another wonderful thing:
Here is a map of library cats across the world. It pleases me greatly to know someone has done this. I found it after trying to find the name of the cat that hangs around Dumfries' main library, the Ewart. It's "Blue", apparently. He's a fat and sleepy black and white cat who doesn't really flinch if you stroke him. Lovely beast.

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