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Here are a couple of skeletons I've made this term. The first is a snake-bird, which I made after the other piece, which is a bird. I thought I'd posted photos of them before, but it seems as if I haven't.

The snake-bird is a piece I would be willing to sell if someone wanted it - if you happen to be interested leave a comment or send me an email. It did take me more than 30 hours to make, though, so be reasonable..

Snake-bird skeleton
My snake-bird skeleton. He's made from steel and has riveted wings. I hammered every single rib to texture it before spot-welding it on.

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This is what I've been making lately. As always, click to get larger images.

It's a brooch made of steel that's been spot welded together. It's about 10cm square. The creature has the head of a bird, the ribcage, pelvis and right arm of a human (the arm acts as the catch for the pin), the left arm/wing of a bat (one finger of which is the brroch pin), the right leg of an ape and the left leg of a deer. It's been heated so it goes black and then sprayed with wax polish to stop it rusting.

I'm very pleased with it. It's for a competition, so I hope it does well.

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