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I feel guilty for not having posted things I've made or drawn for a while, so here are a few drawings that I've done recently. They are all pen and ink and the ones below the cut I've colour with watercolours. Pen and ink is a medium I'm fond of, which means that I'm better at that than other things. I quite enjoyed doing these: progress. Click for bigger versions..

Sketch of a goose
I like geese.

A couple more.. )
The colours are slightly messed up. I think that if I had a scanner they would be better.
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Yesterday I visited the Tate Britain and wandered around very happily for about two hours before I accidentally bought a couple of books (Margaret Atwood and Iain M. Banks, if you're interested). After that I sat in Victoria station waiting for Luke to turn up, which he did an hour and twenty minutes late. Normally I might have been irritated, but I had had the foresight to bring Foucault's Pendulum, so the time passed quickly enough. After drinking hot chocolate and catching up with Luke, I met Lee and drank more hot chocolate. I finished Foucault's Pendulum on the way home and started Look to Windward.

Today I painted an egg. Well, I also made a short and garbled presentation about some of my college work, but the egg is more interesting.

Egg! )

I'm quite interested to see whether anyone can guess which artist's work I was looking at right before I started painting.

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