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I've been making a quaich, which is a type of Scottish drinking vessel, for a competition called Pewter Live. The basis for my design is quite traditional, but I've made a texture with a rolling mill which I've then soldered on (a nightmare job) and given the piece stylised bird skll handles. The piece is actually a little different from the photos - I've added some more texture to the inside of the bowl.

Spun pewter quaich with applied decoration and bird skull handles.

Soldering pewter is difficult. Pewter has a very low melting point, which means that holding a torch to a piece for even a few seconds can melt it. It's nervewracking.

a couple more.. )

The icon I'm using today is of a bird skeleton that I've made out of wire and a little bit of sheet steel. The photograph is by my friend Maxiie - it's actually taken like a shadow puppet.

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As ever, click for bigger versions. This is what I've been doing for three months, basically..

Everything set up for assessment. On the left is the project for making a tool (I made an imp-trap), on the right is a design project for a pewter competition (I designed a pair of loving cups for Civil Partnerships).

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In my first term here I made a necklace. I just discovered it hiding behind a painting and decided to take photos.

photos )

I spent some of this afternoon in the pub (my friend drank Pimm's, a sure sign of summer) and some playing frisbee. I feel contentedly decadent.

ETA: Oops, now I have slight sunburn on my arms. Clearly a sign that my normal habit of always wering long sleeves is the true path.

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